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The Center for Law Enforcement Education enjoys an oustanding reputation for our crash investigation training courses and workshops.

The Center for Law Enforcement Education has conducted training courses for numerous government agencies and assisted with many highway safety projects. We have also written several training programs and manuals to accompany our training courses or workshops, including Commercial Vehicle Accident & Investigation, a textbook published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company.

If you would like to speak to one of our associates, please give us a call at (866) 336-7722 or simply fill out our contact form.

CEUs + Certificate Program

In partnership with Mount Aloysius College, CLEE is the only collision training institute currently offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs). All students are issued CEUs for the course of instruction upon successful completion.  CLEE also has a certificate program in place for students who choose to enroll. The certification covers the topics and specialties involved in accident reconstruction and complements pre-existing education and training in the discipline.



Browse our upcoming schedule of classes. We are actively working with other organizations to provide additional specialty courses in the areas of, amongst others, homeland security, undercover operations, and computer forensics.


The courses listed in our catalog are available for hosting at any location. Each course is academically structured to meet the unique time allocations for the host agency. In general classes are scheduled for daily presentation from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Michael Hanik, Jr.

Staff Instructor

Mr. Hanik served as a Traffic Safety Training Specialist with the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Institute for Law Enforcement Education. Mr. Hanik is also a certified police instructor, specializing in vehicle collision. With more than 23 years of instructional experience, Mr. Hanik is also a retired police officer of the Geistown Police Department.

Rick Varner


Mr. Varner was the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Institute for Law Enforcement for more than 22 years. A certified police instructor and training expert, Mr. Varner specializes in vehicle collision and alcohol-related training programs. With more than 28 years of instructional experience, he has instructed courses both domestic and international. 

Dan Ferrick

Staff Instructor

Mr. Ferrick is a former staff instructor and served as a Traffic Safety Training Specialist with the nstitute for Law Enforcement Education. Mr. Ferrick is a certified police instructor, his primary specialty being vehicle collision training programs. With more than 23 years of instructional experience, Mr. Ferrick is also a retired corporal with the Pennsylvania State Police.


How do I register?

You can either register online or print out the registration form and fax it to 814.487.4812. (Online registration is preferred.) Please make sure to list the course location and its date(s), as well as your name as you wish it to appear on your certificate. The funding agency listed on your application will be invoiced prior to the course start date. If no agency is listed, you will be billed personally and must forward the invoice to the responsible agency. If you are responsible for fees, please remit payment upon receipt of enrollment confirmation.

How do I pay?

After registering, you may pay here. Simply select your class and follow the prompts.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must fill out the cancellation form and submit it to CLEE via email, fax, or through the mail. Cancellations will not be taken over the telephone. A 20% administrative fee will be assessed to all refunds if the cancellation request is received within 7 days of the course start date. No refunds will be given for no-shows. Student substitutions are also allowed in lieu of a refund; if you wish to make a substitution please contact us at

How can I find out more about your instructors?

See here to learn more about the members of our teaching staff.

What courses do you teach?

A complete listing of our courses can be found in our training catalog.

What are your upcoming classes?

Our upcoming classes are listed on this page.

Do you offer online courses?

CLEE does not offer online courses at this time, but we are working to implement online courses in the future.

Do you offer CEUs?

Yes. Upon successful completion of a course of instruction, all students are issued CEUs. CEUs are based on the total number of hours of classroom instruction. CLEE is the only training institute that currently awards CEUs and has in place a certificate program for students enrolled in the program. For more information about that certificate program, see here.

Are any of your classes approved by MPOETC?

Several of our courses are MPOETC-approved, and we are in the process of getting many of our others approved as well. Currently, the following courses have been approved by MPOETC:

How can I bring a course to my agency?

If you are the representative of an organization looking to host one of our courses, you can fill out the host request form at the end of our course catalog.

How can I obtain a transcript?

Please send an email to with the subject line "Transcript Request" and in the body of the email provide your full name and the course for which you're seeking a transcript.

How do I get to the course location? What about parking?

The course listings on our upcoming courses page will always have the location address included. For more specific answers regarding directions, parking information, or any other logistical information, please contact the course instructor at the phone number or email address listed on your confirmation letter.

We wrote a textbook

Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Investigation teaches the proper techniques for assessing a commercial vehicle accident scene. It discusses how to factor into your investigation the unique operational, performance, and regulatory complexities that these complex collisions present.


Center for Law Enforcement Education
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